Wednesday, December 17, 2014

French Knots on Linen Slipcover

I received a call from a customer wanting a slipcover for a wing chair her husband inherited from his grandmother.  She had it upholstered in the past but was still not happy with the look and she knew she had to live with this chair. 

I have been admiring the french knot slipcover designed by Holly Mathis Interiors and made by LS Slipcovers for a while and I was delighted when my customer showed me that it was the look she wanted for her slipcover. I had a lot of fun transforming this wing chair to resemble the inspiration picture and I am so happy with the results.   This wing chair has a separate seat cushion but she wanted me to copy the look in the inspiration picture so I slipcovered over the cushion.    The fabric was 100% linen in a Dove Grey. I have included all the transformation pictures below.

Here is the inspiration picture.  Slipcover designed by Holly Mathis Interiors
 Delicate little french knots outline the arm fronts, outside arm seam and the outside wing

 Little kitty Charlotte peaking her paws out from the skirt.
 There's Charlotte's new favorite hiding place. She is too cute!
 Side view
 Drum Roll Please!!  

You will not

 believe the 

before picture.





 Before Picture

 Inspiration picture from LS Slipcovers
Below you will see a couple pictures of how I covered the wood with foam and dacron.

Hollowed out foam is slid over the wood arms and wings.
The foam was then shaved to the desired shape. 

Then I used a tag gun to attach the dacron over the foam to smooth everything out.  I could not get a very tight fit this way but the customer's husband wanted to be able to go back to the original look if he wanted.  Although my customer says it never will. LOL

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Romantic Slipcover

My latest slipcover has to be one of my favorites. If you have been following my blog you know that I adore ruffles.    My customer has great taste and I love how she decorated the apartment. She actually lives in an old gum factory headquarters that was converted into apartments.  The whole room has a very romantic feel.  The ruffles on the slipcover added to that romantic feeling.  My customer ordered 5 new down pillows for the back of the sofa and new down wrapped seat cushion inserts. She added a back pillow and now has 5 instead of 4 which I think looks more inviting and the seat cushions are 1" thicker than the original cushions.  The last two pictures are the before pictures of the sofa and chair where you can really see the difference between the new seat cushions.

 On a side note: I am so happy my soldier is back home from Afghanistan.  I am so very proud of him but I am happier he is finally back home!!!! God Bless all the military and their families!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Slipcover Book

If you are interested in making your own office chair slipcover then check out the new slipcover book 
"The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers, Pillows, and Bedding" by Karen Erickson.  The book is available on Amazon here.  I contributed a chapter on making an Office task chair slipcover which starts on page 29.  The book as the title explains is full of pictures detailing each step. 

Here are the after pictures of the slipcover I finished for the book.

I want to link you to my friend Linda's slipcover blog Pencil me in.  Her niece, Kari Senter, is a student at NC State majoring in Fashion and Textile Design and was interning with her Aunt this week and chose to make an office chair slipcover using the instructions from the above mentioned book.  She did an awesome job being that this is her first attempt at making a slipcover.  You can check out her finished slipcover over at the Pencil me in blog.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Designer Slipcovers

I named these slipcovers "Designer Slipcovers" as they were commisioned by my friend designer Merri Karp for her client.  I have mentioned her on a past blog post here.  She chose this pretty white tone on tone fabric which washed beautifully.  I pre-washed the fabric in Hot water and then into the dryer on the Hot setting to remove the maximum shrinkage before construction of the slipcover.  I also serge all the seams to prevent raveling in future washings.  The customer will be able to wash the slipcovers in her home washing machine. These slipcovers did require a zipper in the back side seams for easy removal.

 The chair had many curves and the slipcover hugs the curves nicely.

 A couple pictures showing the before and after look.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cinderella Slipcover

Once upon a time there was a very sad looking wing chair.  There was bare wood showing and ripped upholstery. She was kept in her bedroom out of sight.

My customer loved the size and shape of her wing chair and chose a beautiful washed matelasse fabric for the new slipcover.   She had painted the legs and we wanted to show them off so we chose a short skirt.
 I added a little dacron to the bare wood spots at the tops of the wings.

 Before picture of the side arm.  A little different style than i had seen before.
 This picture show how I handled the arm.
Side by side before and after.

 The tuck ins were very tight and I ended up using a metal spatula to push the tucks in place.

 The wing chair back home and in her new spot in the living room so everyone can admire her.
The End!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pretty Parsons Chair Slipcovers

 Here are pictures of some cute parsons chair slipcovers I just delivered.  In the first picture you can see the old and new slipcovers side by side.  She loved the box pleated skirt and wanted to keep the same style.

Here is a picture with all the new slipcovers around the table.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Small Sectional Slipcover

These are amazing before and after pictures. The bones of the furniture were in great shape and the seat cushions were in perfect condition.  This is a well built sectional from Arhaus. The original slipcover was in need of replacement and new pillows were in order.  The result is a brand new sectional.  The fabric is a brushed canvas in a wheat color.  I took pictures before the sectional pieces were reconnected hence the gap.

 My customer can have a whole new look by turning over the pillows to match the body of the slipcover.  She can also choose to mix things up and turn over a couple of the pillows.  I love the pillow fabric she chose.
 * hems don't match in picture- I should have adjusted how much I tucked in the back of the decking.  This can easily be corrected. Of course it is bugging the heck out of me.
 Before picture- you can see how stretched out the slipcover became over time and the pillows had seen better days.

 New pillow inserts made a BIG difference.
Before- side picture of sectional

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Custom Slipcovers Gallery- Oldies but Goodies

 This is a wide variety of slipcovers I have done..  These were all done before I had a blog and I thought I would share them with you.  I recently closed my Picturetrail account where they were being stored.  You can even see a photo stamp of my original logo.
Chair and ottoman- white denim slipcover with light blue cording 

Chair and ottoman slipcovers with fringe instead of cording
Photo stamp of original logo.

Barrel back chairs done in stripe fabric

Rocker slipcover- My first slipcover customer

Wing chair slipcovers- before and af

!st place winner in Slipcover Network Slipcover Design and Detail Contest

Basketball theme office chair slipcover

Cowboy fabric slipcover

side view of cowboy slipcover

designer's drawing

Finished result of designers drawing
Custom shaped dinette cushions done in Sunbrella fabric

another view of dinette cushions

Floral slipcover-perfect pattern matching

back view- perfect pattern match

Cushions with attached skirt
Another cushion with attached skirt done in same fabric for unity in the kitchen

Chair slipcover done in French Toile fabric imported from France

Side view

Back view

inspiration picture and after picture

Leather seat cushions
Before- retro style

After - retro style 

Settee slipcover with contrast fabric on cushion boxing.

White denim camelback settee slipcover

White denim settee slipcover

Slipcover for loveseat with attached back cushions

Sunbrella slipcover

Cute bench cushion with laced ties

Striped slipcover

 Before and after wing chair slipcover.  Another old photo stamp of original logo.
Velvet slipcovers