Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beautiful Brushed Canvas

My customer chose a beautiful brushed canvas for her new slipcovers. She also wanted to add a short kick pleat skirt.   The brushed canvas washes beautifully and has a cozy warm feel to it, kind of feels like a flannel shirt.
Before picture of chair.  Notice the back cushion was flattened over time.
Here is the after picture with the revived back cushion. I wrapped the back cushion with an extra layer of dacron to perk it up.

Before picture of sofa.
After picture of sofa and ottoman.  I revived these back cushions as well.  The center gold pillow is the fabric from the original upholstery.  The new fabric has a much softer look and feel. Love the new pillows my customer purchased at Crate and Barrel!

Last picture showing a different view.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amy Butler visits Stitch Cleveland

Stitch Cleveland, my favorite local fabric shop, was hosting a meet and greet with Amy and David Butler. I was so excited to meet Amy and David. I am a big fan of Amy's fabric and I love working with her beautiful fabrics on the office chair slipcovers. They make me so happy.
Stitch Cleveland looked very festive and inviting.

 Heidi and Megan are the mother and daughter co-owners of Stitch Cleveland. Here they are having fun and looking cute.
  Amy Butler samples.

A small portion of Amy Butler fabrics at Stitch Cleveland.

Amy's husband David is also in a rock band "The Black Owls"

David has also come out with his own line of fabrics called Parson Gray.

David Butler, me and Amy Butler

Thank you Heidi and Megan!