Wednesday, December 17, 2014

French Knots on Linen Slipcover

I received a call from a customer wanting a slipcover for a wing chair her husband inherited from his grandmother.  She had it upholstered in the past but was still not happy with the look and she knew she had to live with this chair. 

I have been admiring the french knot slipcover designed by Holly Mathis Interiors and made by LS Slipcovers for a while and I was delighted when my customer showed me that it was the look she wanted for her slipcover. I had a lot of fun transforming this wing chair to resemble the inspiration picture and I am so happy with the results.   This wing chair has a separate seat cushion but she wanted me to copy the look in the inspiration picture so I slipcovered over the cushion.    The fabric was 100% linen in a Dove Grey. I have included all the transformation pictures below.

Here is the inspiration picture.  Slipcover designed by Holly Mathis Interiors
 Delicate little french knots outline the arm fronts, outside arm seam and the outside wing

 Little kitty Charlotte peaking her paws out from the skirt.
 There's Charlotte's new favorite hiding place. She is too cute!
 Side view
 Drum Roll Please!!  

You will not

 believe the 

before picture.





 Before Picture

 Inspiration picture from LS Slipcovers
Below you will see a couple pictures of how I covered the wood with foam and dacron.

Hollowed out foam is slid over the wood arms and wings.
The foam was then shaved to the desired shape. 

Then I used a tag gun to attach the dacron over the foam to smooth everything out.  I could not get a very tight fit this way but the customer's husband wanted to be able to go back to the original look if he wanted.  Although my customer says it never will. LOL

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