Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Paris chic slipcover

This slipcover is for one of my favorite repeat customers. This was a nice change from the slipcovers I always create. This pink slipcover with black cording and a corset detail in the back was so much fun to make. My customer has great taste, and has a lot of fun decorating.
This was my first time creating a corset detail and it was a lot of fun. I hope I get more requests for this in the future.
The rounded back was a challenge. Whenever you see a picture of a slipcover for a rounded back chair there will always be a pillow on the seat to cover the wrinkles on the inside back. It is hard to get a smooth fit in this area especially without a seat cushion. I wanted to show one picture without a pillow because I was so pleased with the results. I used advice from the slipcover master Shirley Hendry Walsh on how to manage the tuck-in area with a pleated collar. The back tucked in smooth and neat. Thank you Shirley for your expertise and willingness to share your slipcover knowledge.
Side view
Before picture I have a couple more chairs I am working on for this same customer- one in a drop cloth fabric another in white denim. Stay tuned for more pictures to come after the New Year.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Chair and a Loveseat

I really need to make my blog titles more creative. Instead I get right to the point. This is a beautiful slipcover done in a white denim with black cording. I took several pictures from different angles to show how the black cording defines the shape of the chair. I fell in love with this slipcover. She wanted the legs to show so I made the skirt a little longer than the existing skirt. This customer called me after winning one of my office chair slipcovers in a raffle. It was nice to see the slipcovered office chair being used in her office. Darn, I forgot to take a picture of it when I dropped off the slipcovers.

Front view

Side view

Back view

I also did a loveseat slipcover for this same customer. The fabric is a mattelasse and washed beautifully. I added the cording down the center of the back to help the slipcover conform to the shape of the loveseat and finished the bottom with the ever popular mini knife-pleats. I copied what the upholsterer had done. I gave new life to the seat cushions by wrapping them in dacron.

Here is the before picture.