Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Designer Slipcovers

I named these slipcovers "Designer Slipcovers" as they were commisioned by my friend designer Merri Karp for her client.  I have mentioned her on a past blog post here.  She chose this pretty white tone on tone fabric which washed beautifully.  I pre-washed the fabric in Hot water and then into the dryer on the Hot setting to remove the maximum shrinkage before construction of the slipcover.  I also serge all the seams to prevent raveling in future washings.  The customer will be able to wash the slipcovers in her home washing machine. These slipcovers did require a zipper in the back side seams for easy removal.

 The chair had many curves and the slipcover hugs the curves nicely.

 A couple pictures showing the before and after look.

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