Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Textured Slipcover

This is a very well made sofa and the cushions were in great shape. Merri Karp was the Interior Consultant on this job and asked me to make the sofa slipcover. I LOVE the fabric she chose. The pattern popped and showed a beautiful texture after it was washed. The customer loved it and said it looked very inviting.  I wish I had a before picture of this room.  Merri did an amazing job with the room and I recommend her if you need help with your decorating decisions. She will help you with furniture placement, picking out paint colors and fabrics and she does window treatments. 

Here is her info- Merri Karp 440-891-0208 or you can email her at bereafish@roadrunner.com .

Sorry about the poor quality of this photo.  I didn't forget my camera this time but I did forget the memory card Ugghhhh.  So I ended up taking the picture with my phone.
Here is a another picture showing more of the room. Again, sorry about the quality.  This couple loves to collect antiques and Merri helped them incorporate them beautifully into the room.