Thursday, May 19, 2016

Brown Leather to Blue Cotton: Slipcover Over Leather

Here is a perfect example of a slipcover done over a leather sofa.  This sofa was the perfect candidate for a slipcover.  The cushions were all loose and in great condition. The slipcover really brightens the living room.  The royal blue was chosen from the color in the rug and the side chair (not pictured).

My customer has the two cutest Great Dane's, Evie and Elsie.  I recommended the pet cover for convenient frequent cleanings.  Pictures and explanation of pet cover are shown below.

Leather sofa before the slipcover

 This is Elsie posing on the ottoman. Sorry your ear is flipped inside out in the picture.  I hate when that happens. LOL

Here is Evie sitting on the sofa.  I had to get this picture.  She was too cute.

A picture of the pet cover over the seat cushions and arm covers over the arms.
The pet cover simply goes over the seat cushions and the T-cushions tuck inside the ends.   This is so much more convenient for pet owners.  No need to unzip and remove cushion covers for washing.  Simply pull off the 1 piece pet cover from the T-cushion ends and throw in washer.  Company is coming over and no time to wash the slipcover?  Just remove the pet cover to reveal clean cushions underneath. 

Here is an example from another customer showing how the pet cover looks underneath the cushions.