Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pet Friendly Striped Slipcover

The internet is amazing!  My customer's sister is from Texas and found me online to make her sister a slipcover in the Cleveland area.   She was helping her sister decorate her new house and knew she wanted to slipcover her dark sofa for a lighter and fresher look.  She had sent me a picture of a slipcover she had had made and that would be the inspiration for the new slipcover.  Well, I think we hit the nail on the head.  Take a look.

***My customer has two dogs and if you have pets then you will definitely want to see the pet cover I made for this sofa.  Pictures are at the end of this post.

pet friendly slipcover striped slipcover

Oops - one of the arm covers is turned the wrong way.

Sofa before

 Here is the inspiration picture from her sister's house in Texas. 

Here is my customer's living room after her sister finished decorating.  I love the pictures above the sofa, the natural rug, lamps and chairs.  Simply beautiful!  I love her decorating style.
Can you see the pet cover in the picture above?  I will show you more at the end of this post. 

 This sofa is from Lazy Boy Furniture.  The seat cushions had become worn on one side and had a dip in the cushions.   She called them and they sent her new seat cushion inserts. You can tell from the previous picture how much thicker the new cushions are in this picture. 

I wanted to let everyone know that Lazy Boy has great customer service and they stand behind their products!

Hello! My customer snapped this shot of me on the day I was delivering the slipcover.

Pet Cover Pictures
Here starts the section of my post that shows the type of pet cover I offer.  The pet cover will protect the seat cushions only.  My customer also ordered arm covers.  When her dogs get the pet cover dirty it is much easier to only have to wash the pet cover. She can simply remove the pet cover when expecting company. Voila! Clean cushions.

pet cover pet friendly slipcover striped slipcover
 This picture shows the pet cover on the seat cushions.  You can barely tell it is there.  

pet cover striped slipcover cozy cottage slipcover
 Here is a picture of how it looks under the cushions.  This design helps keep the pet cover in place.