Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drop Cloth Office Chair Slipcover

Photo of Kathryn Bechen Ink home office taken by and copyright Kathryn Bechen, 2010.

I was very excited when I received an email from professional writer Kathryn Bechen of Kathryn Bechen Ink asking for an office chair slipcover. I had recently become friends with her on facebook after viewing her blog and website. She writes for one of my favorite magazines "Cottage Style".

Kathryn purchased a drop cloth at Home Depot and washed it several times. The fabric was very soft and had a great texture. She asked for an exact copy of a slipcover she currently had on the chair.

Here is the link to Kathryn's blog post where she shows her newly decorated home office.
Kathryn Bechen Ink Blog

Be sure to check out her website and blog. She has great style as well as great ideas for storage and organizing a small office space.