Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quilted Slipcover

This slipcover was made from 3 full/queen sized quilts my customer purchased from Marshalls. Sewing the slipcover from quilts was easier than I originally thought. The quilted fabric stretched and conformed beautifully to the shape of the sofa. I pre-washed the quilts in HOT water and dried on a HOT setting. I recommended that the customer use a commercial size washing machine for future washings. Yet another sofa calling me to curl up with a book.

Here is the before picture of the sofa.

The after picture. I don't like photographing my slipcovers in the outdoors, however since my customer is in the middle of moving I was unable to place the slipcover on the sofa at her house.

The side view pictures show how well the quilted fabric conformed to the shape of the sofa.