Sunday, June 3, 2012

Office Chair slipcover mentioned in the International Amazon bestseller "Small Space Organizing"!

Book cover design by Baker Publishing Group.

 Kathryn is pictured here in a Bookstar bookstore in San Diego.

My good friend and author Kathryn Bechen of Kathryn Bechen Ink Blog wrote a new best seller entitled: "Small Space Organizing" and much to my surprise she mentions the office chair slipcover I created for her awhile ago.  The blog post can be read here.  Her book was released January of this year and by May it was an Amazon "Top 100 Decorating Books" in the U.S. and in several other Amazon countries--France, Germany, Canada, etc. It's available in both paperback and ebook all over the world, on-line and off, and also in libraries across the U.S. 

 I was very excited when I discovered that she mentioned Cozy Cottage Slipcovers on page 49 as a resource and included a link to my website/blog.  I offered to make Kathryn two cushions for her outdoor patio as a thank you gift for including me in her book..  Here is the blog post where she talks about the new cushion covers "Zip Slips" as she calls them.

As I read her book, I have already found a lot of great solutions for organizing my small home.  She additionally offers great advice on her blog.  Be sure to add her to your blog roll.  My favorite advice is how to organize your fridge and freezer.  She uses white plastic containers from Target to organize vegetables, fruits, deli meats or whatever you like. This really helps in the freezer where things can get forgotten way in the back. 

Thanks again Kathryn!!

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  1. Great for you Tessy! Hope it brings you lots and lots of business.