Friday, July 31, 2009

Chic Unique

After the Summer Market, I brought the slipcovered furniture back to my workroom. I was really hoping to sell all of it at the show, however I ended up having to bring everything back. I was in desperate need of freeing some space in my workroom, so I called Carrin Andress, owner of Chic Unique in Chagrin Falls, and she agreed to put my slipcovered furniture on consignment in her shop. Chic Unique is a great shop found inside Stash Style at 46 North Main Street, Chagrin Falls, OH. She posseses such great style and carries a wide variety of beautiful vintage items. She usually offers a lot of white painted furniture, which I love. I love everything in her shop. I knew my slipcovers would fit in with her unique style. Not only is it great to clear out my workroom but it is great exposure. Here are some pictures of my slipcovers displayed in her shop.

If you are ever in historic Chagrin Falls, Ohio be sure to visit Stash Style!!

Thank you Carrin!

Here is my niece Cassandra carrying a bag of goodies we bought, and some other views of different areas of Stash Style..

All photos taken by my niece Cassandra. Thanks Cassandra!