Saturday, March 30, 2013

Brushed Canvas Chair and a half Slipcover

I do not have a before picture of this chair 1/2 but it was green and the back cushion was floppy. My customer ordered a cushion wrap for her back cushion and it is good as new. The brushed canvas makes a soft and snuggly slipcover and it gets softer with each washing.
I pre-wash all fabrics in HOT water and dry on a HOT setting to remove the maximum shrinkage before I begin constructing the slipcover.


  1. How much does a slipcover like this cost? I have a chair and a half I would like to cover. Thanks for your help!!

  2. I have a La-z-boy chair and half that looks very similar along with the ottoman. Do you take orders?

    1. Hi Caren,

      I would need the chair to be local to me in order to make the slipcover. You can check out for a slipcover professional in your area.

      Thank you

  3. I have a basset chair 1/2. is this what you have pictured on your site? If so, can you make one for me? cost?

  4. Hi Nucleus29, Where are you located? Please email a picture of your chair to