Friday, June 15, 2012

Camel Back Sofa

 I love the hump back shape of this sofa.   This slipcover was done in a white brushed denim and finished with a short skirt. 

Before picture
We removed the existing skirt to show off the legs and give the sofa a lighter feel.

I am already starting to book jobs into October.  Please call soon if you would like new slipcovers before the holidays.  

Also there are still linen slipcovers left over from the Chic Unique show.  They are available online through Chic Unique and will be available at the Summer Market in Avon, OH on July 27- 28.  You can also contact me if you are interested in any of the slipcovered linen parson chairs.
The Summer Market is a unique outdoor festival and benefit held in Avon Lake, Ohio, right on the shore of Lake Erie. Thousands of guests visit the Market each year to shop for furniture, jewelry, art, vintage items, fresh produce, home decor, and a variety of other goods from 55 vendors. Guests dine from three featured restaurants and listen to live music while watching the sun set or playing at the beach. It is a great event that should not be missed!


  1. Nice! Looks a lot like the one I want to do for our family room (though it likely won't be white). I'll have to consider a shorter skirt... Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love it! Of course I am partial to camel back sofas there is just something about them.

  3. Awesome job! Love that you took the skirt off, the new one looks so much more chic. : ) I was wondering if you'd check out a couch I have and see if you think making a slipcover is possible. I've made them before but this has so much wood carving, I'm a bit intimidated. lol
    You can find a picture of the Victorian couch on the "Old Projects" page of my blog. I was thinking I'd like to cover the wood carving in the corners completely. It is rounded in those areas and very uncomfortable for sitting. It doesn't look as good as it does in the picture, now, picture taken many years ago. I eventually intend to get it reupholstered, but would like to slipcover in between if you think you can handle it. I love your work. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower.

  4. Beautiful blog and website. I look forward to seeing you at Summer Market!

  5. Thanks Ginny! I will be sure to stop by and say Hi! I am also looking forward to going to your shop.