Saturday, October 6, 2018

Romantic Rose Slipcover

This gorgeous floral fabric is 100% linen. The fabric has pink roses on a natural rustic oatmeal linen background. The linen was a dream to work with and washed beautifully.  She chose to not use cording and a clean straight skirt to keep with the modern style of the sofa. I ended up saving every scrap of the fabric to use in small projects like lavender sachets or something else I think of but they were too beautiful to put in the trash. LOL

 This is the before picture.  My customer loved the previous floral slipcover but was ready for a lighter look.

Matching seams on front of cushions.
Matching seams on front of ottoman

 Her cat approves.
 A closeup of the beautiful rustic linen.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Hand-Me-Down Chaise

This slipcover is a birthday present for a 13 year old. The down cushion chaise was originally the grandmother's then was handed down to a daughter and now to the granddaughter. Each generation had a new slipcover made and you can see some of the different fabrics used in the before pictures. The new slipcover was done in a matelasse diamond fabric and we used some of the grandmother's fabric to make a pillow cover.  A beautiful family heirloom ready for the next generation!

 The down cushion is so luxurious! 

 She has the option to flip the pillow over to a matching fabric.

A picture from the pin fitting appointment

 Grandmothers fabric on the old seat cushion

The Aunt's slipcover fabric

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Topstitching detail on Modern Style Sofa

This slipcover is for a new Arhaus Remington sofa 108" long.  This is a very large sofa.  Each cushion is 4 ft wide by 3 ft deep. The customer wants to protect the Belgium linen upholstery while her children are small. She chose to copy the upholstery and had me topstitch the seams.  The fabric is a linen/cotton blend and a very close match to the Belgium linen. The topstitch detail and waterfall skirt are perfect for the modern look of the sofa. 

Closeup of the topstitching detail on the front of the arm.

Stock photo of the Remington sofa from Arhaus.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Butter Pat Pleats and Corset Lacing

I slipcovered all the furniture in the living room except one chair for this customer.  I love the details she chose.  She wanted the butter pat pleats on the sofa, chair and ottoman then she wanted the two matching side chairs to have contrasting cording and a corset lacing detail on back. Fun, fun, fun!

 The living room with all slipcovers.

Closeup of the butter pat pleats on sofa

 Closeup of exposed wood detail with tab closure

 Closeup of lacing detail

 She also ordered the pet covers for the sofa and the exposed wood chair. Here is a picture of the pet cover over the seat cushions of the sofa. I am pretty sure the pet cover was on the exposed wood chair in all the pictures above.

 I am lifting the chair cushion to show you how the pet cover is attached.
and this is me holding up the sofa pet cover

I am excited to share my new care labels I purchased from Dutch Label Shop.  All my slipcovers will have these care labels attached. I will be talking more about the care labels in the future.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Fun Office Chair Slipcovers

I had a lot of fun working with these beautiful fabrics. Below are pictures my customers have sent me showing how the slipcovers look in their office space.

 Metal clasp closure